Leeuwin Grass-Fed Beef

We are fifth generation beef farmers.

At Leeuwin Grass-fed Beef we pride ourselves on producing prime beef cattle. We use the best farming practises to ensure that our cattle are stress free, hormone free and raised 100% on grass. Our cattle are free to graze at their leisure and by using Low-Stress Handling techniques our cattle live a happy life which is very important.

We farm on owned and leased land between Witchcliffe and Augusta in Western Australia’s south-west. We consider the ‘Capes’ region to be Ideally suited to Grassfed Beef production with the reliable annual rainfall, soil types and the fact that prevailing winds bring fresh air uninterrupted from both the Indian and Southern Oceans. By using rotational grazing methods along with hay/silage supplement feeding we can ensure a year round supply.

Our Cattle are ethically processed to Australian Standards. We age our beef for a minimum of 10 days hanging in our coolroom set at 2 degrees Celsius. This ensures a tender and high quality product. We employ a local butcher to bone out the beef for us under our supervision. All the meat is then vacuum packaged and labelled in our state of the art boning/packing facility which runs at 8-10 degrees Celsius. (Our facility was completed Nov 2011 , built to highest Australian Standards.) Orders are then delivered by us using our refrigerated coolroom trailer.

By using a holistic approach and ensuring the highest standards are met from paddock to the final product the end result is PREMIUM.