“Hey there the brisket was incredible last week was some of the best I’ve ever worked with thanks so much 👍 was stoked to cook with it and all customers loved it. “

Ricky the Cellar door Chef.

We have only been operating since December 2011 but have had an overwhelming response with many satisfied customers.

“My son and his partner bought us an eighth of your beef for Xmas.
Such a thoughtful gift, and the best meat I have had for many a year.
I’m an oldie, and in my younger years meat was very much better, but supermarket meat to-day is very disappointing.
I would rather have no meat at all, than waste money on meat that is so tough.
We have tried the Sirloin Steak so far, and it was delicious.
Look forward to visiting you at the Margaret River markets.”

Beryl Johnson.

“I was at the Margaret River Farmers Market a few weeks ago and purchased some of your scotch fillet. I had a long conversation with you guys about the merits of grass fed beef over supermarket offerings. I was a sceptic at the time but after tasting your product, am totally sold.
I could not believe the difference between grain vs grass fed beef. Am now looking at sourcing all the family’s meat from organic/natural .
Thank you for opening my eyes!”

David Ward

“Those sausages are 1000 out of 10!”

— Peter (aged 7) tasting samples at the Margaret River Farmers Markets on a Saturday morning.

” Recently my husband and I had a taste experience that I will remember for a very long time. It was, put simply, the best steak I have ever eaten. It was Leeuwin Grass fed Beef from the Margaret River region in Western Australia. This beef is as tender as any beef you could find anywhere, but the fact that it was totally Grass fed meant that it had incredible flavour too. I’m not really sure how to convey how good a product they have, but we’ve become used to the fact that grass fed beef is often a little tougher than grain fed, but you don’t mind because it is healthier and it has flavour- Leeuwin Grass Fed Beef has it all. I know that the Margaret River Region has some of the best wines, well now I know it has the best beef too!”

Lucy House, “Anabank” Baralaba QLD

“We ordered our grass fed beef for the first time early last year and were amazed at how wonderful it tastes! We’ve enjoyed several different cuts now and cannot get over the upgrade in flavour and tenderness from what we purchased at the supermarket. After all we’ve read about the health benefits of grass fed beef we are glad we found Leeuwin Grass fed Beef not only because the meat is delicious and well priced but also for the service that Kristy and Ashley provide. They keep good contact with you throughout the ordering process, your meat is packaged the way you want it and they are great people when you meet them in person. We have now had three orders and will definitely be ordering again! We would recommend that you contact Kristy and Ashley and try this wonderful product for yourself.”

Bob McGuinness & Jodie Jacques, Augusta WA

“Recently I was bike touring around the South West. We camped in Augusta and that evening I bought some of your grass fed beef from IGA to cook on the BBQ. OMG how nice it was…. I am now a convert. I will be only eating your grass fed meat from now on.”


“Hi Ashley, I have been meaning to email for a while to say thanks for the wonderful quality beef – all that we have cooked so far has been tender and juicy, and the sausages are fantastic.  It also helps having everything packaged and labelled so well – it makes it so easy to dig the right things out of the freezer!  My friend and I are both really happy with our delivery and look forward to ordering again when this lot disappears (which is never too long here!). “